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Medical Record Request

Pursuant to the law n°2002-2003 of March 4th, 2002 on the right of the patients and the decree n°2002-637 of April 29th, 2002, relative to the access of the medical file by the patient inserted in the Public health code, any hospitalized patient has the right to make the request for medical file near the establishment.

Applications shall not be admissible if they do not emanate from a person authorized to access the file and that they are not accurate.




The applicants authorized to reach a medical file are :

  • The patient himself except if he is minor or major under supervision,
  • The persons having the parental authority except if the minor patient refused expressly that the holders of the parental authority are consulted to give their assent to the care, 
  • The tutor, 
  • The rights holders of a patient deceased if both of these conditions are met  :
    • The patient dit not expressly oppose such a request, 
    • The reason for the request is exclusively one of the four following :
      • To know the causes of the death, 
      • To defend the memory of the late one, 
      • To take advantage of their rights, 
      • A doctor appointed by the patient.

You can fill the form of request for medical file and transmit it to the direction of the clinic, by mail.

Costs of consultation of informations 

The consultation of the medical file on the spot is free. 

The cost of producing and sending copies is charged to the applicant 

  • the copies are invoiced to the applicant 0.18€ the copy A4 format and 0.20€ the copy A3 format 
  • the cost of sending by registered letter depends on the weight of the file. 

Complete file to be sent to the attention  of : Direction, Clinique du Parc Lyon , 155 bd Stalingrad, 69006 LYON


Data processing Decree and Freedoms (Article R.6113-7 of the Public Health code)

 The administrative and medical data concerning your stay is subjected to automatic processing in contemplation of law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relative to data processing, with the files and freedoms.
 These data are  transmitted to the doctor responsible of the medical information in the establishment, and are protected by the medical secret. 
 You can exercice your right to access and correction. This right can be exerciced, if necessary, by contacting the doctor responsible of the medical information in the establishment, directly or through the practionner who contituted your file.
 You are entitled to oppose yourself, for legitimate reasons, the collect and your personnal data processing, pursuant to the article 38 of the above-mentionned law n°78-17 of the January 6th, 1978.

Charte du patient hospitalisé


Our establishment uses the Regional File of Health

Unless you are opposed to it (il is always possible), your informations about your health will be recorded in your regional file of health, the DPPR.
This service meets the needs of division and sharing of the informations among the actors of your care. 
Only the health professionnals who contribute to your care can reach this information. For this purpose, they will have to ask you an explicit authorization (to be made « entitled », except in the context of an hospitalization in urgency. 
In accordance with the provisions of the law of March 4th, 2002, you can have access to your medical file,  by asking the director ou your principal practitionner.
Other services of –e-Health
In the context of the patient care, our establishment may be able to use other services of the regional platform SISRA, hosted by an approved center hostinf of health data.
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