Sustainable care

Our commitments to sustainably care

Sustainable development, what is it?

It is "development that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." (1987 - Report of the Brundtland Commission).

In health more precisely, sustainable development constitutes the consideration of three key components and their integration into the quality of care: respect for the environment, social equity and economic reliability.

Clinique du Parc Lyon must hold a driving role and promotion of sustainable development values. Indeed ... "Health facilities have, by their vocation, their missions and activities, a great responsibility and a duty in exemplary of the implementation of a sustainable development strategy." (34th Congress of the International Federation of hospitals in Nice).

Our goal is to stimulate a dynamic "Environment-Health" by a sustainable approach, responsible and respectful care. A group of multisectoral and multidisciplinary reflection meets regularly to concrete actions such as writing a sustainable development charter and strives to educate teams in energy management.


The 3rd edition of the Trophies of Sustainable Development, held in May 2012, rewarded the Clinique du Parc Lyon. The jury wanted to distinguish "the consideration simultaneously, the clinic, the 3 components of sustainable development: environmental compliance, social equity and economic reliability integrated in the quality of care."

The clinic was honored in 2010 at the FHP Rhône-Alpes trophies for its commitment: it received the award of the "Sustainable Development and Solidarity in Health", given by Olivier Toma, the President of the Committee for sustainable development in health.





content updated on 25/09/2015