Rules of life

 It is forbidden to smoke (including electroning cigarette) in the establishment (decree n°2006-1386 of November 15th, 2006 fixing the conditions of the smoking ban in public places). 

 In the interest of all, the clinic must be peaceful: we ask you to show discretion (television, visit, telephone).

 It is forbidden to bring animal to the clinic. 


 It is forbidden to administer or to get to the patient of medicine not prescribed by the health care practionner of the clinic. In case certain patients  would have to take medecine for an other affection than the one which motivated their hospitalization, they have to inform their health care practionner about it. Your treatments will be managed by the nursing team according to the medical instructions.

Les personnes accompagnantes sont acceptées en chambre particulière à condition de se soumettre aux directives des médecins et des infirmiers, et de respecter les présentes consignes.



content updated on 23/09/2015