Quality commitments

Our quality commitments

For over 15 years, the Clinique du Parc is committed to a quality approach, risk management is a culture of quality within our institution.
Our quality approach, risk management, is part of the implementation of continuous improvement. All medical professionals, paramedics, administrative and technical contribute greatly to the quality system in place.
The organization of our Quality System based on ISO 9001 - 2008 version Clinique du Parc Lyon, like all health facilities, is controlled by the National Health Authority (HAS). As such, it is one of the first institutions to be awarded in February 2015, the surveyors of the HAS in the context of the fourth version of the 2014 certification.
 The "Quality" department, risk management, in collaboration with the various committees and vigilance in the clinic, coordinates prevention and ensures the management of risk events.

You can view the results of IPAQSS indicators (holding patient records and the anesthesia record keeping).


The Committee on Relations with the Users and Quality of care (CRUQ)

(Decree No. 2005-213 of March 2, 2005 - OJ of March 4, 2005)

Its missions :
  Ensure respect for users' rights,
  Facilitate their search for their complaints or claims, inform them about appeals and conciliation,
  Contribute to the improvement of the reception policy and support for patients and their relatives.

How are complaints sent to the clinic treated?

1. Upon receipt of the complaint or claim made to the clinic, the Director shall promptly inform the complainant and his ability to capture the Committee on Relations with the Users and Quality of the management ( CRUQ) or inform the complainant that it proceeds directly to that referral.

2. The members of the CRUQ meet the complainant.

3. The Committee makes recommendations to bring solutions to the problem or tends that the person to be informed of the channels of conciliation or remedies available. It can also issue a reasoned opinion in favor of the closure of the file.

Right of members of the CRUQ:

  President : N. Valentin (director)
  Doctor Ombudsman
  Ombudsman locum
  Non physician mediator
  Non locum Ombudsman
  Non locum Ombudsman
  Users representatives



content updated on 25/09/2015