Discovering our technical platforms

The excellence of care at Clinique du Parc Lyon is based on the expertise of its doctors and surgeons and the high level of technological equipment.



Surgical units

The clinic has 11 rooms, operating rooms and one endoscopy. All with equipped with the latest generation technical devices with the optimized ergonomics, they contribute to creating an ideal environment for both practitioners, nurses and more importantly for patients.


Service of sterilization 

Sterilization of all surgical instruments operating theaters is performed within the clinic.

The service features:
  1 computer supervision system to ensure traceability
   washing cabin


Medical imaging

The technical platform offered by our imaging department features the latest innovations in technology, enabling diagnostic and therapeutic management still more relevant. The evolution of "interventional" Imaging allows an increasingly safe treatment and increasingly pushed many diseases (infiltration, vertebroplasty ...) The service is the first for several years to have a EOS equipment (radiology whole body low radiation doses), it also has a radiological offers (standard radiography, dental radiology), ultrasound, densitometry, MRI scan and full of the latest generation. Radiologists from Clinique du Parc Lyon specialize in bone and joint radiology.

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The 1.5 Tesla General Electric last generation equipment used by our radiologists can offer our patients the best imaging technique adapted to their conditions.

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Physiotherapy and balneotherapy team

The physiotherapy and balneotherapy practice of Clinique du Parc Lyon is made up of 260m2 dedicated to your health, your fitness and your well-being and high quality equipment including:

 cardio and body building equipment
 physiotherapy equipment, and ultrasonolipolyse Hydrotechnie
 a Lipomassage LPG Cellu M6 device
 a heated swimming pool treated with ozone



content updated on 25/09/2015