To better prepare your visit, please bring the following documents:
 Your ID
 Your examination report
 Mail from your attending physician
 Your insurance card (or certificate)


The medical assistant will give you pre-surgery information you might legitimately need. Thus, you will have, among other explanations describing the intervention and a cost estimate. This will allow you to check with your insurance company or insurance reimbursement conditions and to determine, in full knowledge, the date of the intervention. Once your date of procedure fixed, the medical assistant will give you your hospital record. The surgeon you meet during the consultation will be the surgeon who operates you.



The anesthesia consultation

Before your surgery, you must meet an anesthesiologist (Decree No. 90-1050 of December 5, 1994) at least 48 hours before your surgery. For certain procedures your surgeon will advise you to meet the anesthesiologist one month before surgery.

For this consultation, you must bring with you:
 The questionnaire given by the Secretary of the surgeon
 Your ongoing treatment orders
 Blood and urine assessment requested by the surgeon
 Your blood group card
 From your records, if you are followed by a cardiologist
 Your ID


The cardiology consultation

Given your response or your background, a visit with a cardiologist may be needed. Your surgeon will tell you if, in your case, this approach is appropriate.




content updated on 25/09/2015