Ambulatory care

Your appointment pre-admission

 Introduce yourself to the home of the clinic, on the ground floor, entrance "Hospitalization" (at 155 Boulevard Stalingrad), 30 minutes before your appointment with the anesthetist (and / or cardiologist). Your file must contain all the requested documents on the yellow form entitled "Record Your hospitalization" (you can find it in the hospital record that you gave your surgeon's secretary). All documents must be completed and signed.


 If  you suscribe to a mutual insurance company, remember to send us your support, on or before the day of your pre-admission by fax to 04 72 44 88 48. This will provide you (under the terms of your contract) to regulate certain expenses medical and (or) supplements.
 For minors, the signature of both parents having parental authority is mandatory for the operation of your child.

Your preparation at home

  Do not forget to bring your toiletries, plus: a towel, closed slippers and nightwear.

 Do not wear jewelry or earrings or piercings or rings (including marriage). 

 Cut your nails in the hands and feet and remove any varnish or permanent classic nails, gel or resin.

 Remove hair from the operating area with a removal cream or foam. Warning: the shaver is completely forbidden.



In your speech, a strict skin hygiene is necessary to protect you from any risk of infection.


 You will be hospitalized (e) the day of surgery, take the day before and the morning shower and shampoo as directed by your surgeon. After the showers, do not put perfume or cream or makeup and always wear clean clothes.

These precautions are designed to protect you from any risk of infection.

For your anesthetic, you must fast (drinking, eating, smoking)


 Your admission

 You will have to follow the instructions of the text message you received the day before concerning the hour of your entry and the place to present yourself : at the reception of the clinic or directly at the ambulatory service.


 Your intervention

 You will be asked to remove your dentures and (or) hearing as well as your contact lenses before going to the operating room.

 The stretcher-bearer will pick you and verify your identity. It will accompany you in the operating room: waiting before the operation can vary between half an hour and an hour and a half depending on the time of, and the type of anesthesia.

 At the right time, you will be welcomed (e) by the operating room team. Again, nurses will check your identity.

 Inside the operating room, you may feel a cold sensation. This is normal, the surgical team working at a temperature of about 19 °


The day of your discharge


 The initial authorization is given by your doctor. Unauthorized departure is at the risk and peril of the patient must sign a discharge.

 Before leaving your room nurse hands you your blood group card, your x-rays, your test results and your belongings.

 The output is held at 10:00 am, after permission of your doctor who gives you your medical record output. It contains the minutes of operation (also forwarded to your doctor), the doctor's orders, the date of your next appointment, your recovery instructions and if necessary a work stoppage following your hospitalization. You will then go to the office outings.


 Office outings, you will receive your administrative output file (invoice, hospitalization newsletter).
You will then (possibly) set:
 The fee supplements, the amount you received in the quote estimate of the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and radiologist.
 The participation fee (P.A.T)
 The Daily rate

If you have the opportunity, you should also set:
 Single room supplement, or Privilege room Room amenities
 The bed and any accompanying meals
 The opening of the telephone line and the amount of calls made
 TV (Canal + included)


It is valuable for us to collect your opinion on your stay. To do this, a "satisfaction survey" will be given by caregivers. It will allow us to gather comments and suggestions. Which constitute essential information in our continuing effort to improve our procedures and the quality of our welcome. Do not forget to give it to the nursing staff on the day of release.

Questionnaire de satisfaction


Once a month, a multidisciplinary group (composed of representatives of the clinic and our providers) meets to analyze your responses, remarks and suggestions for improvements. Note that the results are then disseminated to all staff.



content updated on 07/10/2015